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About us


Born out of the disastrous devastation of hurricane Ivan on September 11th –12th 2004, Kenny Hay, then president and director of Hay Electric Ltd, an Island electrical contractual firm, had the vision to know that his island home had limited resources to tackle the monumental task of rebuilding.

Through an Internet chat room that was established in the aftermath, Kenny happened to make contact with Ed Rembish, President & CEO of Brittashan Enterprises Corp, a US based electrical construction firm which had the resources required to substantially increase the volume of work required for the rebuilding process. Kenneth Hay and Ed Rembish had never met each other before. Of like-minds and similar work ethics, an instantaneous ‘partnership’ was formed.


Ed Rembish also had a personal interest in the rebuilding of the island, as he is a property owner in Grand Cayman, having been visiting the Island with his family since 1995. After much correspondence and a personal meeting with Kenny Hay, it was decided to form a new Cayman Island based corporation utilizing the combined strengths and resources of both companies to increase the potential work volume required for the electrical restoration of the island. Thus, BrittHay Ltd was established on Grand Cayman in October 2004.

Our Mission

To serve the people and businesses of the Cayman Islands and other Caribbean Islands with a forthright and honest approach. To never take our customers for granted and at all times ensure them the best possible service that is unmatched anywhere.

To work with each client on an individual basis that is mutually beneficial. To operate together through difficulties when they arise for constructive outcomes.

To leave a job site with the pride that goes along with a job well done and a confidence that we did our very best.

Our Vision

To realize that our success will always be contingent upon good relationships with our customers, our employees and our vendors.
We believe that teamwork and mutual respect for each other’s contributions is instrumental in the overall success of a project and our business. That we always strive to “Earn the Right” to do business and to grow our company with honor and a solid code of ethics that will, at all times,surpass ambition.

And when giving our word . . . it is a bond.

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